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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sheffield University wants to start negotiations but not with the occupiers !

Sheffield’s VC wants to start negotiations but not with the occupation.
On Friday Sheffield occupation was effectively locked in. No-one was allowed entrance although food parcels were allowed admittance.
Today the occupiers report that Matt Fox, the Union Activities Officer has an email from the VC, Keith Burnett, posted up on his blog. The email confirms the VC would like to meet with Union officials and delegates from selected societies but not anyone in the occupation. The occupiers had previously received an email from the Womens’ officer which asked for names of delegates the occupation would like to send to the talk. They have posted her email up on their site. They selected their delegates on Friday and were looking forward to starting negotiations soon. The occupiers have contacted the representatives from the Palestine Society, the Islamic Circle, and the Jewish Society who will all be involved in the discussions and all agree that the occupiers should also be included.Please contact the VC to protest this move: vc@sheffield.ac.uk

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