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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rally to support Manchester Occupation says Spring Thunder

In four days time people from across the country will gather at Manchester University to stand up for Gaza and to support the waves of student occupations which have swept the country. The eyes of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement in the UK will be watching us. And so will be the vice chancellors, the government, and the Israeli embassy.

The demonstration on Wednesday is not simply a fight to support the Manchester Student occupation and their just demands over Gaza. Its a fight in which the strentgh of the student solidarity movement is being tested, a fight in which the power of occupations is being decided. Our battle is your battle. If the biggest University in Western Europe with the longest occupation in the country wins then it will send shock waves across the world; proving that students can take on a rabidly pro-Israeli vice chancellor and win, and showing that all the while Gazan children sleep in the rubble of their former houses people across the world will never stop fighting.

We have held two massive student meetings on campus; both clearly showing our anger at Israel’s latest war on the Palestinians. At the end of each meeting we have exploded on to our campus reclaiming it from those who sell the weapons which oil Israel’s war machine. We need to continue to show our disgust at our University which refuses to condemn the bombing of Palestinian educational facilities, and would rather throw money at the companies which benefit from the bombing of refugee camps, hospitals, and schools.

Its time that we decisively broke the back of those who would rather see our aid for Gaza rot in University buildings than see it go to some of the most oppressed people on earth. Our Vice Chancellor thinks Palestine is isolated and that we will soon dissapear. On Wednesday show him that on the contrary-Palestine will never die and our aid will be sent

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