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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Newcastle University Occupation underway - Security have stopped Food - phone or E mail University to Protest

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

It's 8:20am - the security has been stepped up and they are stopping outside supporters from bringing food into the occupied space.


John Hogan is due to arrive in 10 minutes. For a man whose main concern was that we were fed and watered this is pretty interesting behaviour.

Please email or contact John Hogan to demand that they let food into the occupation


0191 2226078

more after the negotiations

Finalised Demands

We are occupying in solidarity with the people of Palestine and as part of a nation-wide student movement, following the recent massacres in Gaza and ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories by the Israeli government. We, the students of Newcastle University, believe that our institution should speak out in support of Palestine.


* Newcastle University issues a public statement condemning Israel’s recent attack on Gaza and the continuing illegal occupation of Palestinian territories.

* Newcastle University divests its annual 3% in the arms trade, and develops an ethical and transparent investment policy.

* Newcastle University creates a scholarship programme for a minimum of 10 Palestinian students per year who have had their right to an education taken away because of the ongoing conflict.

* Newcastle University boycotts Israeli goods and companies.

* Newcastle University supports its students in political actions and campaigning, and lifts the restrictions on flyering/postering on campus.

* Newcastle University provides academic aid and financial support to The Islamic University of Gaza.

* Newcastle University co-ordinates a fund and awareness raising campaign on behalf of medical aid for Palestinians, including publicising the Disaster and Emergency Committee’s appeal for aid through posters on all message boards and a banner on the University website.

Our demands include terms of negotiations:

* There will be no recriminations against any student involved in or supporting this occupation at any point either during or after its duration.

* Access to the occupied space will be under the control of the Newcastle University Gaza Solidarity Campaign during this occupation - this includes access to the toilets downstairs.

* We will have freedom of access for ourselves and other supporters into our occupied space.

* No security staff or other unauthorised persons will breach any of the doors to the occupied space during this occupation.

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