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Friday, May 1, 2009

Marx and Manga - New Art form with socialist content ?

A new generation of Japanese young people are joining the Japanese Communist Party
and the Manga version of Capital is introducing them to the ideas of Karl Marx.

The massive upsurge in young people joining the Japanese Communist Party may be explained many different ways, but using art forms like Manga to spread the message of Marxism, is surely contributing to the interest of young people in Marxism in Japan.

Needless to say the Japanese Communist party is about revisionist has you can get but I do not criticise its use of Manga for educational purposes, just the lying of its leaders who say that Marx did not forsee market socialism and praise Deng Xiaoping for creative contributions to Marxism by combining the market economy with socialism.

Marx in his debate with Proudhon and Engels in his debate with Duhring exposed the idea of competitive market socialism as leading to the regeneraion of capitalism and I am sure some of these young Japanese students of Marx will discover that fact and kick out the old revisionist hacks and set Japanese Communist Party on the road of revolutionary socialism.

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